Alrighty pals,

I’m sat writing this from the counter of the Bowery Diner on 241 Bowery, Manhattan. That’s no bad eh? Plus the waiting staff keep refilling ma coffee cup and being pleasant which is quite a disconcerting experience.

Anyway, I thought I’d give yehs all a quick update on what’s been happening while we’ve been in the States. It’s been a bananas week of mayhem so I’ll just summarise quickly for now. We got here on Tuesday and, going on for being up 24 hours, went to Brooklyn to The End Studios for a rehearsal. No Sleep Til Brooklyn right enough.

Since then we’ve played:

Homecoming Scotland Launch (Manhattan)
Brighton Music Hall (Boston) with The View
Central Park
The Knitting Factory (Brooklyn) with The View
The Webster Hall (NYC) with Rachel Sermanni & Louis Abbot and Breabach

We’ll be supporting the View again tonight for the final night of their 30+ dates US tour tonight. Expect much debauchery and misbehaviour all round after.

Anyway, I’ll do a proper in-depth update when we get back.

Catch yehs soon folks,




It’s a month since ma last blog post. How is that even possible? I’m feeling like I’m putting my all into this one-way diatribe, modern-day soliloquy, scream into the ether, contemporary technological monologue that those in the know refer to as “blogging” and in reality it equates to a few meaningless sentences every 31 days or so. Ho hum.

Aaaaaanyway… Celtic Connections. To parody my own vernacular, it was bananas!!!


So, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and all that. How’s it going friends?

I'm not the most prolific of bloggers, truth be told, but here's a wee hello for 2013 from Odd HQ.

First and foremost, an enormous thank-you to all the bloggers, journalists, radio folks and most importantly fans that got involved with us over the course of 2012. The past year has been our busiest and most exciting so far and we seriously appreciate anyone that took the time to come and jump about like loons at a live show, or bought the album, or generally ranted about us tae their mates.